CoBro Consulting provides evaluation services and data management systems in support of education and social reform programs, nationwide.

We specialize in development and support of large scale data management systems and comprehensive program evaluation, including survey services, data analysis, and professional results reporting. Our senior staff have extensive experience providing evaluation services and developing online data systems for a variety of education and social reform programs.


CoBro Consulting uses technology and expertise to strengthen the evaluation capacity of education and social reform programs. We created the online Comprehensive Program Assessment System (Compass) to address current program evaluation needs. Compass technicians customize the system to meet the specific needs of each program. Compass facilitates data collection and management, student tracking, program evaluation, and progress reporting, allowing the system users to demonstrate program impact and foster continuous program improvement.

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Executive Team

Darlene Cole
CEO/Director of Research
Keren Brooks
Chief Research Analyst
Urban Pelicon
Chief Information Officer

Darlene Cole has an M.S. degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and over 20 years of experience supervising broad-scale research projects. For over 10 years, she has worked extensively with a large variety of education reform programs, including over 50 GEAR UP programs, to optimize their evaluation and data systems management capacity. Ms. Cole created the Compass online data management system to facilitate GEAR UP program evaluation processes. She has directed the CoBro Consulting team since its inception. Moreover, Ms. Cole has served as co-chair for the National College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium (CCREC) Research & Evaluation Committee since January 2012.

Over the past 16 years, Keren Brooks has conducted program evaluation and statistical data analysis in the areas of education reform and academic institutional research. Ms. Brooks has an M.S. degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and in-depth expertise in managing and analyzing large-scale databases, conducting comprehensive academic program evaluations, and assisting with the design of software systems for optimal data management and evaluation functionality.  For more than eight years, she has developed and supervised GEAR UP program research design, survey projects, statistical data analyses, and outcomes reporting for CoBro Consulting. She has been a member of the American Evaluation Association since 2007.

Urban Pelicon has extensive experience supervising teams of programmers in designing and developing database systems to deliver maximum utility. For over 10 years, he has specialized in developing and managing large-scale data management and reporting systems for a variety of education programs, including many GEAR UP statewide and partnership programs. Mr. Pelicon has designed and developed such systems in both web-based and stand-alone modalities, based on particular client needs and capacities. Currently, he directs the development and technical support for the online Compass and CompassMatch data management systems, and oversees all aspects of data management, integrity, and security. 

Core Team Members

Melissa Ellefsen, Research Analyst

Sofia Andrade, Research Analyst

Phillip Ehret, Senior Research Analyst


Sheryl Jones, Data Quality Specialist


Jamie Killam, Survey Coordinator


Andy Hong, Programmer


Oscar Morales, Quality Control Specialist


Anar Davis, Programmer


Jacqueline Mosley, Data Specialist


Steve Rodriguez, Data Specialist


Doreen Hoffman, Financial Specialist




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