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Research and Evaluation Services

CoBro Consulting's senior staff have in-depth expertise in conducting broad-scale research projects, including program evaluation, statistical data analysis, survey services, qualitative evaluation methods, and development of professional results reports. CoBro consultants have a thorough understanding of education and social reform program evaluation needs, and apply a wide variety of research and evaluation methods and strategies when examining programs.

Evaluation Plan Development


CoBro Consulting collaborates with programs in the development of a cohesive evaluation framework that incorporates research methodology with proven efficacy. This may involve development of a preliminary logic model, or definition of appropriate program goals and objectives. We assist in establishing indicators and target metrics that closely align with the corresponding program objectives, and allow for thorough formative and summative assessment through the duration of the program. CoBro consultants also help identify optimal data elements for inclusion in the analyses, to ensure a comprehensive evaluation plan is established.

Data Analysis


CoBro consultants have extensive statistical knowledge and expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of a variety of education-related data.  We work with clients to clarify research needs and determine the most appropriate evaluation designs and statistical analyses to examine program processes and outcomes. Sound research methodology is paramount to CoBro Consulting, and our evaluations typically include data triangulation techniques, using multiple data sources and evaluation methods to maximize the validity of our study findings.

Survey Services


Surveys can elicit valuable information on participant opinions, attitudes, and knowledge, and provide constructive contextual information and feedback. CoBro Consulting staff have designed, administered, and analyzed hundreds of psychometrically sound survey instruments. We design surveys for use in needs assessment studies, baseline program measurement, and examination of program effectiveness. We produce both online and paper-based, scannable surveys with a quick turnaround time for results. Our survey services also include processing, descriptive and inferential statistical analysis of resulting data, and development of multilevel survey results reports.

Qualitative Program Evaluation


Incorporating qualitative evaluation methods helps to provide a context for analysis findings, and also offers insight into program processes. Such methods include structured focus groups and interviews, as well as open-ended surveys. CoBro consultants carefully construct topics and questions for focus groups and interview sessions in collaboration with program staff. We have also designed a variety of online open-ended qualitative surveys for use in larger or more expansive programs. CoBro consultants conduct a qualitative analysis of the resulting information, and summarize findings in formal results reports.

Results Reports


CoBro Consulting develops a variety of evaluation results reports, from summary reports of key topics to in-depth evaluations. Our reports include narrative, graphical, and tabular displays to clearly communicate findings and conclusions. Such reports are useful in guiding internal program development, or sharing program progress and outcomes with stakeholders. We also develop reports for clients to comply with any federal or agency mandated reporting needs.

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