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Compass System

CoBro Consulting created the Comprehensive Program Assessment System (Compass) to assist with the extensive data collection and reporting tasks required of education programs.  Compass is a secure, online data management and evaluation tool that expedites data entry, organizes program participant data, links such data (at the participant level) with academic outcomes data, allows for easy student tracking, generates a variety of reports, and conducts statistical analyses to monitor and evaluate program success.

Compass System Features:


  • System options are customized to conform to unique program needs.

  • Web-based format ensures access from multiple settings, devices, and web browsers.

  • Easy-to-navigate data entry screens facilitate input of program service and activity data.

  • Student demographic and academic data files are uploaded directly into Compass. 

  • Over 70 user-defined, pre-formatted reports available on-demand to users. 

  • A series of advanced statistics options are available in a user-friendly drop-down menu format.

  • All Compass data resides within state-of-the-art, secure, SSL certificated servers.

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