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CoBro Consulting designed the online CompassMatch system to manage in-kind contributions, and mitigate the challenges that come with collecting, calculating, and reporting contributions from a wide variety of grant partners. This allows grant administrators to track real-time progress toward meeting contribution goals, and dramatically reduces time and effort on match documentation tasks.

CompassMatch System Features:


  • System options are customized to conform to unique program needs.

  • Pre-existing data can be formatted and integrated into the system.

  • User-friendly data entry screens contain drop-down menus for easy data entry.

  • Batch entry functions record service contributions of multiple staff in one step.

  • A variety of reports generated on demand provide timely information about matching fund contributions.

  • Batch email functions send staff automated reminders and notices.

  • All CompassMatch data resides within state-of-the-art, secure, SSL certificated servers. 

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