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Research Analyst

CoBro Consulting specializes in development and support of data management systems, and comprehensive evaluation of educational and social programs, providing survey services, data analysis, and professional results reporting. We are currently seeking a Research Analyst to join our team. The Research Analyst reports to the Chief Research Analyst, and may work in conjunction with the Survey Coordinator and members of the IT team. The Research Analyst's role is to conduct statistical data analyses, interpret evaluation findings, and develop results reports to convey analysis outcomes. 


Daily/Regular Tasks:

Data Analysis Preparation

• Obtain datasets for needed analyses

• Validate data for analyses (in conjunction with Data Quality Specialist) 

Data Analysis

• Set up datasets (merging, defining variables, recoding fields, restructuring files, attending to unit of analysis, typically with large datasets (~30,000 - 500,000 records)

• Conduct appropriate analyses to answer evaluation questions or provide requested/required information

• Document analysis processes used, i.e., definitions, assumptions, timeframes, inclusions/exclusions

• Conduct follow-up analyses in anticipation of or in response to questions 

Evaluation Reporting

• Provide mandatory and useful figures (graphs, tables, infographics) of results for clients' required reports

• Create concise summary reports or extensive detailed reports describing results

• Conduct ad hoc analyses/fulfill information requests 


• Survey instrument design, in consultation with client and response to program requirements

• Develop paper and online survey forms

• Format response data for incorporation into online data system

• Analyze survey data as needed for client reports 

Special Projects / As Needed:

Qualitative Data

• Attend/facilitate focus group

• Write up/revise focus group findings

• Provide Excel file and output of focus survey data for analysis by other staff 


Data Visualization

• Incorporate visualization tools into reports (e.g., Tableau, Venngage, Canva).

• Provide presentation slides or infographic reports for client use 




Master's degree or higher in Social Sciences, Statistics, Psychometrics, Program Evaluation, or related field. 

Professional Experience:

4+ years working with data analysis, data interpretation and reporting, and/or quantitative research. Demonstrable skills analyzing datasets, graphically depicting results, and writing up findings.  Ability to work independently, think critically, and use multiple sources of information to examine social program outcomes. Knowledge of SPSS (preferred), Excel, or R to analyze large and relational datasets is required.

Minimum qualifications:

• Knowledge of research methods and program evaluation.

• Four or more years working with large-scale relational databases.

• Extensive experience formatting, restructuring, and merging datasets.

• Demonstrated maintenance of records of all data operations.

• Detail oriented, conscientious, organized.

• Excellent communication and research writing skills, including data visualization.

• Ability to conduct statistical analyses such as correlation/partial correlation, multiple/logistic regression, t-test, ANOVA, chi-square.

Preferred qualifications:

• Experience with development and application of predictive/explanatory models.

• Experience with hierarchical/multi-level modeling.

• Experience with factor analysis or other clustering analyses. 

• Familiarity with GEAR UP or other federal education programs.

Work environment:

• May telecommute up to 90%; in-person training/orientation and periodic on-site meetings at a San Diego location or at conferences may be required.

• Salary commensurate with experience. 



Send your resume and description of relevant experience to 

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