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CoBro Consulting Services and
Comprehensive Program Assessment System (Compass) Program Information Form

Please complete one form for each program for which you are seeking services.

If you have a grant program for which you are interested in using CoBro Consulting Services, the Compass System, or CompassMatch, please complete the following form. Information provided in this document will help us to determine how to accommodate your database management and program evaluation needs.

I. Contact Information

Program Director/ Manager contact information:

Name:                                              Title:                                       Organization/Institution:

Mailing Address:                            City / State / Zip:

Physical Address (if different from above):                                City / State / Zip:

Phone:                                             Email:

Additional contact, if applicable:

1. Name:                                          Title:                                       Organization/Institution:

Phone:                                             Email:

II. Evaluation and Database Management System Needs

Do you currently have/use a database management system?           Yes            No

Do you currently have an evaluator?            Yes            No

Please indicate the services for which you would like a price quote. (Mark all that apply.)

Comprehensive Program Assessment System (Compass): Data management and reporting (student tracking) system
CompassMatch: Matching funds (in-kind) contribution management and reporting system
Surveys (form design, data processing, analysis, and results report development)
Biennial evaluation and results report development
Evaluation reports during non-biennial years (Choose one):
               Full annual evaluation report (similar in scope to biennial report)
               Summary progress report (one-page both sides graphic/narrative document).

Data analysis to examine progress toward established grant objectives for Annual Performance Report (APR)
Assistance with evaluation-related narrative sections for Annual Performance Report (APR)
Other, please specify.

III. General Program Information
Name of federal grant initiative (e.g., GEAR UP, TRIO, CACG):      
Official name of program:     
Institution or organization administering the grant:      
Primary location of program:      

IV. Specific Program Information
*Denotes fields applicable to GEAR UP programs only
              *Type of Grant:    State-Wide         Partnership     Other
              *Grant Model :     Cohort                 Priority            Combination
              If cohort model, how many cohorts will you serve?      


Proposed - If proposed, have you received notification of your award?    Yes    No
If no, when do you expect notification?        Expected program start date:      

Existing - If existing, year awarded:         Duration of program (number of years granted):        
         Number of years of back data:      


Please provide approximate figures for the following:

Program school years and total number of students you will serve each year (all years) : 

Thanks for submitting!

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